Talented Designers!

Our invitation card’s idea came from many talented people.
This photo was taken by our roommate Ricky Leung and the beautiful design was by Saleem’s siblings, Yasmin and Sajid. Apologies for sending them so late, but we hope people can reply by Nov 1st. (Yasmin’s going to be doing our wedding decorations, too, so more to come!)
写真を撮ってくれたのはルームメイトのRicky Leung、デザインはサリームの妹と弟のYasminとSajid!招待状の発送が遅れちゃってホントに申し訳ないです!返信が11月1日までになってますが、間に合わなさそうな時はメールでご連絡下さい!みなさん、返信待ってます♪


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