Several guests are staying on the second and third floors of the Crossland Economy Studios , which is very near the reception.
Single bed  $ 46, 2 single bed $52 per night. Rooms are available.
Address: 5008 North Carolina 55, Durham, NC 27713
Flying in? Let us know, and we’ll make sure you get a ride from the hotel to the reception.


For out-of-town friends with tight budgets and a willingness to crash on couches, we can probably set you up at a friend’s house! Call ahead, and bring a sleeping bag, and we’ll get you figured out (Saleem: 919-454-0866).

If you have a few days, and want to see Durham, NC (where Saleem and Mana will live), we’d recommend staying at the Marriot City Center. Walking distance from the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market (lots of great things to eat for brunch). About a 20 minute drive from the reception.

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